Personal Narrative Essay: The Amazing Journey To Dominican Republic

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The Amazing Journey to
Dominican Republic

My trip to Dominican Republic was really exciting, awesome, and an experience that I’ll never forget. When I went to Dominican Republic, or in Spanish, Punta Cana, I got to learn lots of cool and very interesting things. In this personal narrative, I will be telling you all of the great, or crazy experiences that I had at Dominican Republic. If you don’t know where in the world that the country is located, it is on the east coast off of Puerto Rico. It is a very interesting place that is surrounded by water. Now before I tell you my great story, I must ask you to imagine this all in your head, and feel the greatness, of Punta Cana When my family and I arrived, the whole country already looked
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There was just one problem. All the shows and episodes had which language. If you guessed Spanish, then you were correct. Well I guess that ruined my time for technology. While I was sorrowing in shame because I didn’t understand the language, my family finally woke up. Which meant I had to go and get ready for breakfast. We went to a restraunt called “ Breakfast, N, More” and the food there was amazing. Especially the French toast. Anyway, we went to the beach after that and the water was just as good as usual, until “IT” formed. I was just in the water minding my own business and I saw “IT”. I thought it was just like any other wave, so was still playing in the water, until I saw how big “IT” really was. I knew that I could just go underwater and dodge it so it started running to it, but my mom told me something that I should’ve listened to. I was still wearing my hat. I started panicking and trying to run back to shore, but the wave was too powerful. It hit me like a bulldozer going at 95 M.P.H. I quickly swam back to the surface thinking on how hard the hit was. I noticed something different in my head. You know what I felt when I put my hand on my head. NOTHING! …show more content…
I was really upset until mom told me that I could just get a new one, so I felt better. Well, after that I went to bed thinking on how my hat would survive in water, and started drifting away to sleep. It was the last day before we had to leave back to America, but the good thing was the that the plane wasn’t going to arrive until 10:00 P.M., which meant I could enjoy my last hours here having fun. Since it was the last day we were able to go to the beach one more time, and something really unforgettable happened. When we were in the

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