Essay on The Stroop Test : What It Means?

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This paper explains the effects of the famous Stroop Test, what it means, and why it stumps so many minds. The Stroop Test brings into the field many questions about how the brain works, like whether humans can identify words faster than colors or vice versa. The fascination people have with this test is not because it is easy and fun, but because it is confusing and tricky. A simple task of identifying the color of a word when the color does not match the word seems like a piece of cake especially to well educated people, but it proves to be the contrary. Over the years, the Stroop Test has been administered countless times, mostly on psychology tests. In this experiment, the Stroop Test is used through LabView to gather data through and support the theory that it takes most people longer to identify a color than it does a word.
1. Introduction
This experiment is named after a psychologist, John Ridley Stroop, who did research on how the brain works. He came up with the color test in order to show that there is interference between reading and naming. This interference or conflict that causes a delay in the brain when a word does not match its color is called the “Stroop Effect.”1 In this effect, when the brain reads, it automatically decides what the word means. For example, when people see the word “RED”, they think of associations/connections to the color like a red strawberry or a rose. These connections are so strong, people do not have to stop and think about what a…

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