Color Symbolism Essay

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Why is the red color in the stop sign and why does green mean "go"? Why does the bride wear white, and black is the color of mourning and sadness? Why does an optimist see the world in bright colors and a romantic person pursues the "blue dream"? This work discusses color and its place in culture.

A lot of things in the reality surrounding us we perceive by means of colors and through them. Color terms bear in themselves much more information than it might seem at first glance. Understanding and insight into the world happens primarily by means of perception. Color also has a significant effect on the physical and emotional state of a person. This fact turns color into a culture-forming factor and an important part of one's conceptual
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Color by itself (i.e., isolated from other colors and shapes) is the first type of color symbolism, which often has diverse and contradictory meanings. The second type of color symbol is a combination that contains two or more colors that make up a symbolic whole. The meaning of such a combination cannot be reduced to the sum of the meanings of individual colors. The combination of color and shape is a third type of color symbolism. These can be abstract geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle) as well as specific physical objects, such as the symbolism of precious …show more content…
For the word red as a noun, the thesaurus gives the following synonyms: "bitterswеet, blоod, bloоdshot, blooming, blush, brick, burgundy, cardinal, carminе, cerisе, chеrry, chеstnut, clarеt, coppеr, coral, crimson, dahlia, damask, flaming, florid, flushed, fuchsia, garnet, geranium, glowing, healthy, inflamed, magеnta, marоon, pink, puce, rоse, rоseate, rоsy, rubicund, ruby, ruddy, russet, rust, salmon, sanguine, scarlet, terra cotta, titian, vermeil, vermilion, wine" ( Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases 2004: 360). Other synonyms include: "black, brown, dyed, flushed, glowing, hued, reddened, rouged, shaded, stained, tinged, tinted, washed" ( Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases 2004:

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