Essay on The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Personality

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Organizational behavior is becoming extremely important to understand with the diversity in the workforce. In a team environment, personalities are one of the variables that can affect organizational behavior. Through the use of the Myers-Briggs personality test, knowledge is gathered to product ipeople that will become more effective as employees, managers and executives. Through my own personal experience and research I am able to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the personality type, extravert, intuitive, thinking and judging (ENTJ), NT temperament and the impact my type has on my life as a manager. Finally, knowing the your employees personalities types can help them reduce conflict, resolve problems, and become a more productive employee for the workforce through more such information can be used to reduce conflict, create resolutions and generates a more productive workforce through more personalized method to interpersonal communication.
Project 1: Myers-Briggs Personality Test
Step 1: Results from Personality Test
Extravert (19%)
After completing the Jung Typology Test, it was not surprising to me that I was more of an extravert then an introvert. According to Organizational Behavior by S. Robbins (2007), “extraverts are more socially dominant, “take charge” sorts of people, and they are generally are more assertive than introverts.” (p. 110) I have always had an urge to lead and take charge in situations where people seem to lack that ability. I enjoy…

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