The Story Of White Dove

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White Dove slowly opened her eyes and began looking around. She soon discovers that she 's in a small dark cave.
"How did I get in here?" She wonders as she continues to inspect her damp surroundings.
"The last thing I remember is grieving over my father 's passing. Seeing White Dove stirring, the beast runs to her to her side.
"It 's alright, you 're safe now," he softly replies.
"Safe? What happened? Where am I? Oh, my god my son. Where is my son? She asks, quickly sitting up.
"He 's fine."
"Where is he?" She demands
"He 's resting over there," he says pointing to a makeshift bed on the far wall.
"What happened? Why are we here?"
"There was a fire in your town and it destroyed the entire village."
"A fire? Oh my god, where are the others?" She asks, jumping to her feet.
"I 'm afraid they didn 't make it out alive."
"No, that can 't be right, it just can 't be. Not every one of them," she cries.
"I tried to save them, but I didn 't get there in time."
"No! She wails. Placing his arm around her, the creature gently pulls her towards him.
"They 're gone? Every one of them are gone?" She sobs
"I 'm afraid so."
"What are we going to do?" She cries, leaning into him. He wraps his arms around her tightly.
"I 'll take good care of you, White Dove," she quickly pushes him away,
"How do you know my name?" She asks, wiping the tears off of her face.
"It 's me, Little Wolf."
"Little Wolf? No, it can 't be. My father said he was mutilated by a bear."
"He lied to you White Dove,

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