The Story Of Stepmom At Coventry Village School

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So it begins:
My first day of many at Coventry Village School started out a little stranger than most. My Dad met me at school and walked me to class. As soon as I saw the teacher I was terrified. I wanted to hide, but if I hid then my Dad wouldn’t be close to me anymore. Then the idea hit me, I could just hide using my Dad! Within a minute of stepping into the kindergarten classroom I had lifted up my Dad’s shirt from his waist and pulled it over my head. I figured that if I couldn’t see the teacher, she couldn’t see me- children’s logic. I stayed that way for a couple minutes while my Dad talked to the teacher and occasionally tried to pull the shirt off from over my head; there was no way he was getting that shirt
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It went by fast. I was friends with everyone in my class and we all got along. While that didn’t change in fifth grade, other things did. My parents had been divorced since I was one years old, but I was starting to get old enough to understand. My parents were both remarried. I lived with my Dad and stepmom and I visited my Mom and step dad on weekends. While I got along with my stepdad great, it was a different story with my stepmom. My stepmom and I argued over every little thing possible- mornings, evenings, and nights. I would often go to school upset, angry or any other emotion in between. Luckily, my 5th grade teacher was extremely understanding and comforting. She knew that I wasn’t acting out in class just to be a brat, but because I was having some trouble at home. She let me take breaks in the hallway when needed and she always talked to me about whatever I wanted to talk about. Since I was beginning to understand the whole divorce thing I heard my parents talking about it a lot more. They always argued about how much time my siblings and I spent at each house. They talked badly about each other and were always threatening to go back to court, which they …show more content…
I had joined a couple more clubs and began figuring out what I really wanted to do with my future. Junior year was when I knew I definitely wanted to work in the early and special education field. I also matured greatly, which lead me to where I am today. I started to think about senior year and where I wanted to be then. I had learned about Early College through Upward Bound and I decided that I wanted to do it. High school was fine. I struggled little with the work and kept up my good academic standing, but I knew I was ready for something bigger and better. Junior year I became good friends with some girls in my Early Childhood Development class at the North Country Career Center and I figured out my path in life. Junior year, I finally became the fun, loving, outgoing person that had been hidden for so

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