Essay on The Stories Of Abraham And The Exodus

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Discuss the stories of Abraham and the Exodus. What origins do they signify? What are the social functions of these texts?

Abram, later to be renamed by God Abraham, originated from Ur, which was considered to be a cultured and ancient city. Minimalist scholars believe this to be the origins of the Israelites were Canaanites. As we learn later on in the book of Joshua the Israelites were lead by Joshua on a conquest in Canaan. The reason for minimalists believing Canaan origins is due to limited archeological findings predating the conquest of the Promise Land. However, this does not mean there are not artifacts proving otherwise left to find (according the content reviewed in this course) but rather the minimalist scholar approach. According the Scriptures Abraham originated from Ur. The importance of Abraham’s birth in Ur follows a theme throughout the Old Testament of influential and great men in the scriptures having significant births. A birth in Ur becomes “special” or important due to the legends that follow Abraham’s birth; ethnological, ceremonial, and ethological. Ethnological legends describe the origins of people. Lot’s daughters get their father drunk and rape him in a cave giving rise to two sons; giving rise to the Moabites and Ammonites. Ceremonial legends describe the origins of ritual. In Genesis circumcision was given to Abraham by an angel of the Lord as a covenant to identify his people; from himself in his older age, to any child of his or…

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