The State Of Michigan 's Act 451 Of 1976 Essay

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The State of Michigan’s Act 451 of 1976 provides guidelines on which sexual education courses in public schools should abide. This piece of legislation states that “a person shall not dispense or otherwise distribute in a public school or on public school property a family planning drug or device”, explaining that “family planning” means the “use of a range of methods of fertility regulation to help individuals or couples avoid unplanned pregnancies.” Although teenage pregnancy rates have decreased due to improved contraceptive usage, Santelli at el. (2007) found that the United States still has high rates of teen pregnancy compared to other developed countries. This law creates a public health issue because prohibiting adolescents from receiving contraceptives in school could stunt the reduction in teenage pregnancies and cause more long term health, economic, and social issues with the population. Government intervention with the issue of contraceptives in schools creates controversy among highly dedicated stakeholders such as teen advocacy groups, public health officials, parents, and religious groups due to their strong, opposing ideals. Advocacy groups such as The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Planned Pregnancy pushes for government intervention when it comes to teen pregnancy. Although this organization does not explicitly say that governments should allow public schools to give contraception to its students, a publication on The National…

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