Argumentative Essay On Birth Control Availability

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Birth Control Availability “American teenagers become pregnant at a rate of about one a minute” (Kristof 1). Birth control availability has been a topic of controversy for many years due to the fact that there are many different people who have different viewpoints on it.Whether some of these people like or do not like the idea of distributing birth control, it is still an issue that many women are being forced to deal with. Birth control is handled differently in different places, and sometimes it is not handled at all. Some places do not even distribute birth control, adding to the issues that are occurring due to non easy access to it. Obtaining birth control is an issue that many women deal with, due to different peoples feelings towards …show more content…
An effect of making birth control available is a decrease in unplanned pregnancies. Public groups and organizations made up of people who support the use of birth control are being created, and their purpose is to provide birth control to teens. "Those who favor providing easy access to contraceptives say that young people who are already sexually active will not abstain from sex just because they don’t have access to birth control and will instead put themselves at risk for disease and pregnancy” (ProQuest Staff 1). The effects of unplanned pregnancy can be damaging to the teens future and her child’s future. Teens who give birth early in their life will focus less on their education and future so they can focus on their baby’s future. Also, since the mother gave birth early, the child is likely to give birth in their teen years, resulting in more unplanned pregnancies in the …show more content…
There is always the chance that the protection will not work and the user could get an STD or become pregnant.
Another effect that comes along with birth control is an increase in risks for blood clots. The reason that birth control may cause blood clots is because they release different hormones, which will affects every woman 's body in a different way. There are different forms of birth control that are available to teens as of now, with a prescription, and are currently being used to decrease unplanned pregnancies. The most common form used is the Combination Pill, otherwise known as “the pill”. This pill keeps the ovaries from releasing eggs while also changing the uterus and cervix, resulting in sperm not joining with any eggs. Ortho Evra is another form of birth control which send the hormones that the Combination Pill releases, estrogen and progestin, into a woman’s blood which stops the ovaries from releasing eggs. A cervical cap is another form of contraception that could be used. It is a cup made of silicone that goes over the cervix and does not allow sperm to reach any eggs. This form has to be used with a spermicide, which is a gel or foam that kills

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