The St. Patrick 's Cathedral For Myself Essay

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On a recent trip to New York City, I was privileged to see the legendary St. Patrick’s Cathedral for myself. Having been raised in a Protestant tradition- I was surprised by how deeply I was moved by this experience. The majesty, rituals and traditions of The Catholic Church have always held me in awe. My brothers and sisters from my Dad’s first marriage were all raised Catholic- had rosaries, first communions and Godparents, went to catechism, Catholic schools and midnight all looked so much richer than my seventies era post hippy , stripped down post pomp and circumstance, non-denominational church life at the Woodland Drive In Church. We had a bible retitled “God is Love”, Sunday school in the concession building and our own confirmation was applauded by car horns. Safe to say, my formative years were not spent learning the finer points of The Good Book.

In large part due to my church life- I have always been a big picture person. The Good News has always been emblazoned across the sky for me, evidenced in every tree, lake, bloom, baby and bunny...(Psalm 119:64). Certainly, I learned young that Jesus loved the little children and were reminded each Easter that He died for our sins (Matthew 19:14,John 3:16 ). I was well versed in The Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12). While occasionally we were told a parable before our art project- this class has been my first in depth study of The Gospels. I am familiar with the idea of apologetics, and the reason for them…

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