The Social Workers Code Of Ethics Essay

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The social workers Code of Ethics are the core of the profession. These ethics are of great importance to making ethical decisions. They help in making sound judgments and decisions when dealing with all segments of the population regardless of the clients’ religion, race, or ethnicity. There are six different code of ethics principles, but each sections, has its own sections. Explained below are the most used ethical principles in the Social Work profession. Self-Determination refers to the right of a client to make their own decisions and choices. In the end it isn’t our responsibility, or ethical really, to put our own opinion on a client. It is our responsibility, however, to help a client make an informed decisions regarding their own life and to help them understand the impact of that decision. As social workers, we must respect our clients’ self-determination. Self-determination can be seen as a professional ideology, an interrelated set of values and ideas. For example, allowing the client to choose based on resources given to them. If a client walks in, seeking help for an addiction. As a social worker, you take on this client and provide him with option to seek help. Let the client choose their path. Informed Consent, is when the social worker should take reasonable steps to ensure clients’ comprehension is met. Clients don’t have the knowledge social workers have. Social workers may include providing clients with a detailed verbal explanation or arranging for a…

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