The Skill Of A Basketball Lay Up Essay

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For this assignment, I have selected the skill of a basketball lay-up. I perform an task analysis of the skill along with highlight key topics such as motivation, practice format, and identifying errors. To successfully perform a lay-up, one must build up force by using their arms, hips, knees, ankles and applying the appropriate amount of that force in the direction of the hoop at the correct angle resulting in the ball going through the basket. The learner for this skill will be an adolescent female. The learner will have some experience with basketball, but will be introduced to a lay-up, the location will be in a gym with a hard wood basketball court. The environment will only consist of myself and the learner. This will be a one-on-one session versus a group setting. Using group settings or peer mediated accountability for introducing a skill to an adolescence is “ineffective and therefore inappropriate” (Ward, P., Smith, S. L., Makasci, K., & Crouch, D. W., 1998).
Task Analysis Some abilities that would be important to become proficient in a lay-up is hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and a strong sense of balance. Adolescence females tend not to 2. To perform a lay-up successfully, the adolescent female must be able to perform the motor actions or movement sequence of: holding the ball on their dominate side, step forward with non-dominant hand, bring dominant knee upward, dominate elbow extends upward as dominate knee, balance the ball in the…

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