The Sin Of The Law Of God Essay

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Often we, as Christians, focus on the so-called big sins we commit, or more often the sins we observe other people committing. However, according to the Westminster Shorter Catechism, “sin is any want of conformity unto, or transgression of the law of God.” This highlight two types of sin the Christian so often commits, the sin of commission, and the sin of omission. In light of Scripture and by the Spirit’s leading, when we see our sin more clearly, we learn to cling more tightly to the cross, experience the love of God more deeply, and thus learn to live out our walk more fully.
Sins of commission
Theological Definition
Sins of commission can either be presumptuous, where a person intentionally takes action to violate God’s commandments, or they may be sins of ignorance, where a person commits a sinful action without sinful intent. “Unlike the sin of presumption in which there is a definite intent to purposely do evil, the sin of commission does not possess such an insolent attitude. Both sins of commission and presumption represent an individual doing something contrary to the law of God” (Towns 2002 p.4)
Biblical Foundation
All theological understanding begins with the character and nature of God. God is holy, and as the King, has set the standard for conformity, His Law, is based of His character and nature, therefore, any action that breaks this standard is an attack upon the holiness of God. In Genesis 3, the serpent tempts Eve to violate God’s law, the…

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