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The Sinful Church Bake Sale All Seven Deadly Sins Committed at Church Bake Sale from the collection of stories, The Onion, highlights all seven of the deadly sins being committed by members of a church at a church bake sale. The seven sins, established by Gregory the Great, are: avarice, sloth, envy, lust, gluttony, pride, and wrath. Through examples and quotes from members at this event, it is explicitly portrayed how even people who are supposed to have a clear mindset, and follow the Lord, execute some of the most deadly sins. “In total, 347 individual acts of sin were committed at the bake sale, with nearly every attendee committing at least one of the seven deadly sins as outlined by Gregory the Great in the fifth century” (Onion 2). …show more content…
Starting off with Connie Barrett saying, “‘My cookies, cakes and brownies are always the highlight of our church bake sales, and everyone says so’” (3). The author immediately follows this quote by stating what sin she committed; in this case, pride. By telling the reader what sin was acted upon directly after the quote, the author makes it easier to comprehend. Melissa Wyckoff, “A shapely 20-year-old redhead,” (12) inspired the men at the bake sale to commit the lust, even though it was never acted upon. The sin of lust caused the other women at the bake sale to exhibit envy and wrath for Melissa. This is a very strong illustration of the seven deadly sins, and supports the thesis very well. More than one person committed envy and wrath; it was most all of the other women. This also highlights a sin some of the men were committing: lust. The author definitely used mainly ethos to support his claim. He changed the image of God’s followers, from people who strive to commit no sins to people who enact upon some of the most deadly under His roof. In the eleventh paragraph, one of the church members, Penny Cox, remarks that she thinks Connie stole some of the church’s candles. She says this while committing the sin of sloth by making her daughter set up and run her booth, so she could gossip. Evidently, it is easy for anyone to carry out one …show more content…
He tells a story, almost, of what events are taking place, and how ridiculous some of these people sound. The Onion was published in a weekly newspaper in 1988, and I know I would be joyed to read this in the morning. This is because of the author’s funny take on people who go to church, and the believable actions shown. In the last paragraph, the church’s treasurer, Beth Ellen Coyle, claims, “‘Bake sales, haunted houses, pancake breakfasts … such church events are rife with potential for sin … this year we had to eliminate the ‘Guess Your Weight’ booth from the annual church carnival because the envy and pride had gotten so out of hand’” (16). To me, this is hysterical, that the people who attend these events are supposed to be honring God, but make it into a ‘sin fest’. As Coyle finished saying in the last paragraph, “‘Church events are about glorifying God, not violating His word’” (16). I like how the author put this paragraph at the end of the essay, to show that at least one person noticed the irony that takes place at these

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