Examples Of Gluttony In The Canterbury Tales

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In the tale of Canterbury the first deadly sins shown were greed, lust, gluttony, and anger.

The rest of the deadly sins are pride, envy, and a sloth. Pride is in a certain way showing that if

someone does something to another person that one person should not apologize because one

does not think they are wrong even though they are. Envy is a feeling of wanting someone else’s

possessions, qualities or luck. Sloth is being physically and emotionally inactive. Gluttony means

excessive eating or drinking or in general just an excess of greed. Lust is the desiring of

something or someone one can not have. Anger is an emotion toward something or someone one

feels has deliberately done one wrong. Greed is the second to last deadly sin, and it is when
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If a person bothers you the solution is to ignore them even though they might get on the other

persons nerves. Seeking revenge or doing harm to another person is not the solution to anything. It will

just make the situation worse.

Kerduffle should be considered one of the deadly sins. It is something that would not be proud to

proclaim or boast about. Just as in the tale of Canterbury, kerduffle favors the sin anger. Anger leads a

person to say or act on something that one would not normally do or say. Also as in the Canterbury tale

the eighth sin demonstrated here in this essay represents or favors a sloth. A sloth is being inactive

physically and emotionally. Kerduffle shows sloth in its actions by finally being fed up with the person

their emotions are inactive and one does not think before committing the sin.

Finally but not least. In opinion. Kerduffle should be considered a sin. It is something that is not

to be proud of. It is as the sins, anger, sloth, and greed. By being considerate of only ones feelings it

disregards another person feelings. Therefore by commiting this sin and knowing that it is wrong just as

the rest of the seven sins. This one sin should be the

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