The Service Concept Essay

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1. Introduction

The service concept is critical and central in managing service operations. It has become increasing important in defining what the corporations are selling and the customer buying or using. It can be used to design and improve the services. “The service concept is something that is more emotional than a business model, deeper than a brand, more complex than a good idea and customers and creates a business advantage.” (Johnston.R and Clark.G, 2008) The selected service organisation is Morrison, which the UK’s fourth largest food retailer by sales with an annual turnover in excess of £15bn.Morrisons has 425 stores across Britain, ranging in size from 10,000 to 40,000 square feet. (Morrison’s annual report, 2010) The
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They are the methods of interview and observation. By the method of interview, I write an email to the manager of the department of customer service of Morrison. In the email, I ask the efficiency of their performance on the service concept. The manager gives me some positive answers. With regard to the observation, firstly, I get information from the official websites of Morrison. Secondly, I went to the Morrison supermarket located in Leicester to ask their efficiency of performance on service concept. Through using the methods of interview and observation, it can be concluded that the service concept has been implemented well by Morrison. The details about the Morrison’s efficiency of performance on service concept are given below.

Morrison has adapted and originated to Total Quality Management (TQM) (Damon B., 2008) which instils the service quality throughout the company. (See Appendix 3 for all supermarkets’ TQM success) “The service quality is defined as the degree of fit between customer’s expectations and the customers’ perception of the service.”(Azhashemi. M , 2012) TQM has internal and external dimensions. The internal dimension is that Morrison buys some self-help checkout machines to solve the problem of long queue at tills. But during peak time, the waiting time for customers are still very long. The staff are very polite and helpful when customers have problems on buying food. The staff provide

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