Customer Service

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1. Task-1
Customer requirements are reliably identified through consultation with customers and key informants and through market research or other information collection techniques.
Customer services are needed to correct the weakness of products. Sometimes customers are not satisfied with the product and service but they always helpful for to improve the mistakes. And issues of customer feedback and a customer of a company or its products need to address the concerns. If the customer is not satisfied with your product or customer service then your business will be in great danger. Their feedback can tell you everything and that feedback allows you to overcome the weakness of the products. And according to my point of view, I think
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They use the lost cost strategies and give specials as well. As they sell good quality product on cheap rates that’s why it is unbeatable for other companies. Alongside they provide long term warrant for their products.

Customer market segmentation and organisation’s ‘target’ customers:
It is recommended that the warehouse extra is not only focused on one particular market but also targets other customers who are brand ambitious. They have low-income and still want to dominate with the presence of well known brands, price sensitive abundance –who always want to find a good deal in cheap price, and value -income shoppers -priced low with no other choice but to buy from the lowest price
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They offer to reduce the cost of things. They think that ensuring a better quality of life is more affordable for New Zealand families. That’s why they always put the products on special. They want to be the best organisation in the New Zealand.

How the customer requirements and are fully communicated to all staff in a manner which secures their commitment and support.
The warehouse extra had to face many problems due to their different culture, law policy and customer’s behaviours. For this purpose the warehouse extra had decided to change their some rules regarding their work. As we know that there are different kinds of people living in New Zealand. So after looking this thing, they have hired different employees related to different cultures. They are having employees from different communities like Chinese, Indians, Maoris, and Samoans etc which can give the customer service to their community people if needed.

How quality service is implemented and monitored
Quality services are implemented by rewarding to customers and employees, responding to the need of customers, listening to their customers effectively and give positive results to

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