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Critical examination of the operations of Caltex


By: Harish Kumar
Major: Customer service
Academic Supervisor:
Organisational Supervisor:

This research mainly focuses on the customer service of gas station and finding all the problems faced by the customer due to outdated system. In this research, I looked at how performance of the store can be increased by eliminating all the problems demonstrated by customer. I took some interviews with the staff as well as customer to identify actual problem in customer service. Most probably, staff lacks business professional training and they always think about how the sales can be increased instead of focus from the customer point of view.
Finally the organisation
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Caltex is a petroleum brand name of Chevron which is based on more than 60 countries around world and this branch where I got chance to work in this branch located in Glenbrook, Waiuku. This research mainly focus on the grow of the business at the gas station and to improve the ways to increase the revenue and clients. This report mainly focus is on customer satisfaction, promoting the new products in the market and how company can magnetised new clients.
1.1 Organisation Background
Caltex is a petroleum brand name of chevron based in more than 60 countries around the world in newzealand. Mainly Caltex stands for Quality, value and services.
The main product Caltex is selling petrol, fuel, Lubricant, diesel Caltex as well as basic grocery needs.
Caltex Glenbrook:
At Caltex we make the commitment to treat our customer as individual not as numbers. We do this because every customer is important and every customer is different.
1.2 Research

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