The Servant By James Hunter Essay examples

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Servant Leadership
There are many opinions and strategies about how to effectively lead people. Throughout the ages it has been a problem that leaders and rules have tried to solve. How can a person bring together a group of people to effectively accomplish a task together? As time has marched on, different opinions have risen and declined in popularity. In the book, The Servant, James Hunter explores the concept of Servant Leadership. Throughout the narrative, lives of people from various walks in life are analyzed with the lens of servant leadership. The reader can look into the life of a Healthcare worker, a soldier, a member of corporate America and an educator.
Characteristics of Servant Leadership
Active Listening
One of the most important aspects of servant leadership is active listening. According to the novel, The Servant by James Hunter (2012), active listening is a difficult discipline that requires effort and care (p.105). Due to constant internal conversation and the distractions that will occur naturally on a nursing unit, call bells, patient requests and rounding doctors, it will be very difficult to focus in to a conversation with someone. A nurse will have to effectively learn the art of active listening to ensure he or she receives all the information required to properly care for the patients. Active listening will be crucial during communication will doctors, other disciplines, fellow nurses and most importantly, the patient.
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