The School Community And Expectations Essay

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1.5 School Community and Expectations
The school community consists of a range of students from a range of year groups working cohesively to form a safe and secure environment. Classes range from pre-primary to year six with a current enrolment of 27 students. Many of these students have siblings at the school or are siblings of former students with Kingsley having a tradition of creating close community and family ties. The parental expectations of the school is that there is a cohesiveness between students, teachers and parents, so that they can work together to ensure the student gains optimum growth and development. The school community has an array of cultures with 7% of enrolment consisting of Indigenous students and 22% of enrolment being students who have a language background other than English (2015 statistics). Parents can be involved in the school community or in the classroom. Parents are welcomed to participate in canteen duties, library help and to participate in P&C meetings and activities. In the classrooms, parents help with duties ranging from reading assistance, cutting fruit, reading to students and marking papers, all dependent on the teacher and the classroom grade.

1.6 Policies
There are policies within Kingsley Primary which have different purposes, from student and parent policies to teacher conduct policies. These policies are introduced by various parties – the government and the school. School policies are; homework policy, no-hat-no-play sun…

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