Essay on The Sandlot Is A Baseball Movie About Friendship

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The Sandlot is a baseball movie about friendship and sticking together when someone gets in a “pickle.” It’s summer time in 1962 in the California, which is “the same summer Dodger Maury Wills would break the stolen bases record.” Our main character, Scotty Smalls just moved to the valley two weeks before school gets out for summer, and like all new kids he is afraid to make new friends. While he is unpacking he sees a boy with his baseball glove walking across the street, so that night he asks his stepdad to teach him how to throw a ball. This movie is so special to me because I remember playing softball with my friends every chance we got but also because I know what it’s like to not only be the new kid. Scotty maybe the new kid in town but we have all been new to something at some point. After Scotty saw the boy with his glove he ran to a baseball field the next day with his glove he didn’t ask to play with the other boys he just figured since there was only eight of them he could be the ninth and take up space in the outfield. The boys didn’t seem to notice he was even there until Benny, the neighborhood legend, was up to bat and hit the ball straight for Scotty. Scotty was watching the fence because there was some sort of beast on the other side growling and kicking up dust, and by the time the other boys got his attention it was to late he looked up just as the ball hit him in the face, making all the boys laugh. Scotty got up and hesitantly grabbed the ball which…

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