The Salary Negotiation Exercise For The Purpose Of This Paper

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I will be considering “The Salary Negotiation” exercise for the purpose of this paper. My role was of the candidate and my primary goal was to negotiate the salary to at least match my best alternative. At the end of the negotiation, we agreed upon a salary of $98,000, Moving reimbursement of $6000, start date- June 1, 5% bonus, Matching Stock Options, Salary increment after 3 years- $110,000 and an 8% bonus.

I entered this course with a very minimal knowledge on negotiations. I was unaware of what strategies and tactics one could use to have an effective negotiation. Till now, I have always considered most negotiations to be a win-lose kind of situation, where both are competing over who gets to have the bigger share of the pie. Depending on the nature of the deal, my approach towards negotiations in personal and work life has always been integrative, as it created the most value.

However, I was not aware of the wide scope of an integrative negotiation, for me it was merely a mutual compromise to reach an agreement. There are other strategies an individual can employ to make the most of an integrative negotiation. For example, integrative negotiations could demonstrate how parties can look for creative options and not just focus on which concession to make; it is to look for ways to expand the pie. I have also realized the importance of being cognizant of your opponent’s interest, needs and values.

While preparing for this particular exercise my first thoughts were to…

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