Essay on The Sahel Region Face Various Challenges

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2.Countries in the Sahel region face various challenges. Among these challenges frequent climate change, desertification, deforestation, frequent food crises, extreme poverty, rapid population growth are the main ones. Basides to the natural problem of the region some other problems such as ethnic centrism, fragile governance, corruption, unresolved internal tensions, violent extremism and radicalization, illegal trafficking and terrorist-linked security threats affects the peace and security of the people in the Sahel region of Africa. As a result, the Sahel region is one of the poorest and most environmentally degraded and conflict affected areas of the world (European Union External Action Service).

These natural and manmade problems in the North Africa and the Sahel region challenge the security of the region and recently various violent conflicts have been conducted. The fragility of governments impacts on the stability of the region and the ability to combat both poverty and security threats, which are on the rise. Poverty creates inherent instability that can impact on uncontrolled migratory flows. The region’s geographic location and the fragility of governments urge the region to become the hotbed for terrorists. (_Source).

4.2. Major Contemporary Conflicts and Actors in North Africa and the Sahel
Currently, countries in the North and Sahel regions of Africa are among the conflict affected area of the continent. There are different rebel and radical groups in…

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