The Roman, Julius Caesar, And Cassius Essay example

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Gaius Cassius Longinus was one of the Roman senators, also one of the leading instigators in the plot to murder the Roman, Julius Caesar, and Cassius is Brutus’s brother-in-law and is also just one of Julius Caesar’s ex-friend. One might choose Cassius because of his excellent and very ambitious personality, of how determined he is, he doesn’t care what other people think or pay any attention to them, and also how he can manipulate people so easily and quickly and actually make them think the wrong thing to do verses telling them the right thing to do. Cassuis wanted Brutus to be king so that Caesar could be over thrown and also wanted Caesar dead so he wouldn’t have to deal with his insanely ruling anymore. Cassuis wants to kill Caesar for the very reason being that he does not think that the ruthless unleaded leader is right for ruling on his thrown. Cassius states that “Caesar is not physically able to carry out the demands of being the architect of the republic- In another motion in this scene, Cassius suggests that Caesar is not able to carry out his duties from a physical sense and that this weakness will be read by enemies as the weakness of the republic. Again, invoking notions of the republic, removing Caesar becomes a critical issue.” Cassius formed the conspiracy with motives based precisely on envy, anger, and it also didn’t help that Cassuis believed that Caesar was not going to be a good enough ruler, have even a right to be on the thrown for the reason being…

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