The Roles Of Women And Men In The Movie: Moolaadé

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In the movie Moolaadé you can see the roles of women and men in the African village and how it changed from the beginning of the movie towards the end. The role of the men were not very clear, but you can see some of them go to the farm work in the crops and get food back to their family. While others sell inventory in the free market, for example Mercenaire own a small cart and sold children 's clothes, bread, kitchen stuff, bread, batteries… Ets. On the other hand the women did everything, they took care of the children, washed them, feed them, cooked food, went to the well to get water and carried it back home. The woman played the role of a submissive wife, yielding to her husband’s constant sexual demands and desires. Their opinions
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When Collé and the other wife came and stood up in front of the Saliden and the men that was a turning point in the movie. The men and Saliden were surprised about how the women reacted and came together all of a sudden and said no to purification and demanded that its time to change. And their voices should be heard and their opinion acted upon. They are strong women and obtain a great power, but were not bold enough to exercise it. Since it a male dominated society, maybe they intimidated them or just feared that speaking might be a sign of disrespect. Because of their African heritage and culture, they respect the male figure so much and the woman even sit-down when they run to any male as a sign of …show more content…
First is good consequences can come out of bad events. For example, if he kept the house he would have been sentenced instead of Long’ers. The other concept is good intention could lead to bad thing. For example, the father wanting his son to go to school and be punctual and a good student resulted in the death of his son that day. Throughout the whole film you can see that this family only wanted to be happy and all what they got was pain and struggle.
I personally feel bad for the wife because her husband was taken away from her, her son died, and her daughter dies while giving birth. I feel they both as husband and wife went through the same things, but I feel the movie focused more on the husband than showing and emphasizing about the wife

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