The Role Of The Hero Twins In Ancient Maya Societies

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One reason why the Hero Twins are the most important idea in the Popol Vuh is because of their use of trickery. In ancient Maya societies, trickery was seen as a way to defeat an opponent or a tool to get what you want when you don’t have the tools to do so otherwise. Although in the Popol Vuh, there are many insteads of trickery being used to bring an adversary on their knees, Hunahpu and Xbalanque use of trickery in the Popol is monumental because displays their cleverness, quick wittedness and displays their destiny to do great things in the future. One great example of the twins using trickery to defeat an opponent comes from the lines that they give their grandparents,” “You will say to him, ‘Stuffer these out grandsons that accompany

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