The Consequences Of Domestic Violence In Native American Women

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What do you make of the irony that women were often treated quite well in Indigenous traditions and yet, today, Native American women are the group of women that experience the highest incidence of domestic violence?
My reaction: It upsets me to think about the violence that women are experiencing throughout all cultures. For Native American women to be experiencing the highest domestic violence I feel at fault. If it weren 't for colonization and the “whites” invading the Native American territory the concept of women being less than men would never have been introduced to the Native American culture. I feel that we, myself and my white american community, brought the burden on the Native Americans that women are unequal to men.
My analysis:
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At the Beijing conference Indigenous women from Latin America were discussing the government neglect and human rights violations that they are facing. Ana Maria Alvarez from Guatemala states, “even though many indigenous communities have complined repeatedly, the government covered its ears” showing how these women are experience neglect from the government for their voiced complaints. Antonia Alba from Panama also states, “there are laws...that are suppose to protect and respect us, but those laws are only on paper” providing proof once again that these Indigenous women are experience neglect from the government that is suppose to care for them. In Alaska women are experiencing similar experiences. The example shown in “No Justice for Alaskan and Native American Women” provides proof that Native women are not given the justice they deserve when they express the violence they face. Secretary General of Amnesty Kate Gilmore states, “the justice system is failing women” in that it doesn’t give action to the violence that is reported by Indigenous women concluding that many simply do not have the adequate training to investigate and respond to these violence cases. The government neglect that women are facing gives way for violence towards women. Even though women try and voice the

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