The Role Of Team Cohesion And Self Presentation Among Different Competitive Team Sports Of Ethiopian Universities

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In the Momona Ethiopian Journal Of Science, in an article titled “Investigating the Relationship between Team Cohesion and Self-Presentation among Different Competitive Team Sports of Ethiopian Universities”, T.A. Haddera (2016) was looking at cohesiveness within a team dynamic, “because it’s not only associated with group level outcomes such as performance but also with individual outcomes.” Again, this reinstates that there is a paradoxical nature to team sports in that you have individuals that then make up the team. When looking at team sports from an individual perspective James and Collins (1997) noted eight stress dimensions that can affect an individual. Six that are directly related to the task include: concerns about perceived readiness issues, nature of the competition, demand of the environment, non-performance to the required standards, competitive anxiety, and concerns about fatigue and injury. The other two stress dimensions are related to the social aspect of team sports and they include; concerns about significant others, and social evaluation. Growing up I played many team sports, volleyball, basketball, softball, and track & field. Having played so many I can relate to just about every one of the stresses that James and Collins (1977) noted, that can affect individuals within a team sport. One in particular that I relate to the most is non-performance to the required standards, and this then for me correlates to concerns about significant others and…

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