Environmental Factors In Remember The Titans

Environmental Factors
These refer to general situational factors that help keep a group together. An environmental influence is contractual responsibilities such as transfer rules, geographical restrictions or contractual obligations. An example of this in the film “Remember the Titans” is the geographical restriction of living in the town of Virginia. This restricting them to only one option and that is to play for the T.C Williams football team and is emphasised because “...none of [the] boys can afford to go to some other district just to play ball”. This helping keep them together as a group improving group cohesion.

Another environmental influence is organisational orientation, and that the team’s goals and strategies for achieving those
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When there are a high number of players with high affiliation motivation it will result in a high amount of cohesion. Affiliation motivation is a player’s motivation to build relationships with other team members. In the film one of the characters, Ray, had very little affiliation motivation and refused to bond with his teammates which resulted in him not wanting to block for his teammates. Because of his lack of relationship with his team, it negatively impacted the cohesiveness of the group.

Another factor influencing the cohesion of the group is whether the individuals are satisfied. In such an important game of the Titans season, the grand final, Alan Bosely had such high levels of satisfaction with his team that he sacrificed his spot on the field in order to increase the team’s chance of winning the game. Thus, due to his personal satisfaction he didn’t complain about no game time, which ultimately lead to the
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Team stability is a factor that reflects the duration of time team members have stayed together. With the longer a team stays together the more likely it is for task and social cohesion to develop. Before the integration of the schools the two races had spent very little team with each other which resulted in the initial group cohesion being very low amongst the Titans. To begin with the two races refused to play with each other but eventually put aside their differences and united as one. This coming together and sticking together of the group increased team stability affecting the social and task cohesion of the group. As the group become more stable over the duration of the film they became a more cohesive unit and vice versa, as their cohesion increased the members became more likely to stick with the

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