Remember The Titans Case Study

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Mequlito Q. Ragin Unit 2 – Individual Project Management in Film (MGMT215-1504A-15 Due - 10/19/2015 Corporate Social Responsibility as it pertains the Movie “Remember the Titans”

Corporate social responsibility is the managerial obligation to take action that protects and improves the welfare of society as a whole as well as organizational interest. Coach Boone being made the head coach was very much appropriate. Coach Boone developed many coaching tactics for socially responsible players. We have seen this in action just from watching the movie “Remember the Titians.” Social responsibility arises from the social power one has, or has shown around others.
Coach Boone wanted the team to operate in a two part system, with open receipt of
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Few decisions that had to be made: (1) the plot to remove Coach Boone. (2) The ethical dilemma to remove coach Yoast as a nominee for the Hall of Fame. (3) The ethical decision for coach Yoast to throw the game. The community had a responsibility to protect the wellbeing of the coaching staff and give moral support. But this was not the case. Instead of embracing coach Boone. They would rather go against the social responsibility and cast him out. Along with trying to turn the thoughts around, that coach Yoast had about him. They wanted to use that as a tactic, for him to throw the game. The catalyst which caused the board used to overturn the social responsibility; of the community trying to get rid of Coach Boone, and Take coach Yoast off of the nominee list. Even not to throw the game. All derived from the code of ethics. Code of Ethics can be defined as a set of guidelines issued by an organization to its staff and management to help them conduct their actions in accordance with its primary values and ethical standards.
In conclusion, having someone like coach Boone to enforce the (CSR) practices enhanced the overall town outcome. By doing the following: (1) increasing the team engagement. (2) Positively affecting outside influences. (3) Minimizing the violence in the community. Various scenes in this movie can be applied to determine if the actions are considered ethical. Sustainability has evinced a growing interest in recent times. This movie defines sustainability and a sustainable portion of the world today. This also makes a case for building up sustainable organization to fight against hatred in the

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