The Role Of Place Based Investing And The Virtual World Essay

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By design there is a natural tension between the character of place-based investing and the virtual world. But, almost from the beginning, the idea of serving our Slow Money beliefs through crowdfinancing was integral to our approach for Slow Money SoCal.
As Slow Money SoCal founding members developed a local investment network in the early days, the work in Southern California was being done against a legal backdrop that was particularly conservative. The legal environment coupled with a sprawling suburban setting, made the idea of crowdfinancing while serving the Slow Money Principles seem a legitimate expression of our Slow Money regional voice. Today, the recently signed Title III of the JOBs Act, if wisely implemented, can serve as further expression of our unique Southern California approach to local investing. The important thing, is not losing sight of our founding ideals.

Kiva and Slow Money SoCal
Kiva, the grandfather of all technology based crowdfinancing, sent their representatives to the Slow Money SoCal network in late 2013 to share their story and encourage a partnership. Nearly a year into our work we had yet to find much success for an approach to local investing. We were ready to consider another way. Still concerned about the legal environment and the rules and regulations that inhibited local investing, we recognized the safe harbor Kiva offered with its zero percent crowd financed loans. After some deliberation, we choose to partner with the…

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