Physicalism And Functionalism Argument Analysis

Regarding the relationship between the body and the mind, people cannot avoid two important philosophy concepts:, Physicalism, and Functionalism. Physicalism believes that the only substance exist is physical. Functionalism suggests that mental states are the internal cause of behavior.(Braddon-Mitchell&jackson p41). In this paper, I will mainly discuss four perspectives about Physicalism, Functionalism and the argument “ What is it like to be”. First, what’s Physicalism? Second, the problem that“ What is it to be” argument by Thomas Nagel poses on Physicalism. Third, what’s the main idea of Functionalism in the philosophy of mind. Fourth, How functionalists(also Physicalism) response to the Nagel’s argument. First, What’s Physicalism? Physicalism …show more content…
For example, the experience to taste a sweet ice-cream, to fall in love with someone, to see red, and to smell rose. However, Qualia actually poses a problem on Physicalism. Actually, Qualia is the phenomenally consciousness that people feel about their experience. Every person has his/her own way to feel about things. It largely depends on everyone’s life experience, education background, even age, occupation and gender. Moreover, as a phenomenally consciousness, Qualia must contain subjective point of view. By contrast, Physical facts are all objective. As a result, we cannot use physical facts to explain the consciousness. The same for the argument “ What is it to be” by Thomas Nagel. Nagel chose bat as the analyzing subjects. The reason why he chose bats is that bats are mammals, which have both experience and subjective points of view. Nagel argues that human-being can never imagine what is it like to be bat as bats, Although human-beings and bats both have experience and conciseness. First, When a person think about what is it like to be a bat, he/she need to use imagination. Imagination are all base on individual’s subjective experience. As a result, human-beings cannot fully imagine what is it to be like bats when they only have limited resources for

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