Essay about The Role Of Physician Assistants As A Doctor 's Office

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NEO Project The majority of people tend to gloss over the role of physician assistants in a doctor’s office. Physician assistants meet with patients and provide assistance for physicians as the name suggest. They have an array of different responsibilities around the office, they can meet with patients to treat and or diagnose them, or they can assist surgeons during operations. PA’s are vital in making the workload manageable around the office and are currently in huge demand due to the increasing amount of patients.

Last fall I was the assistant coach of a youth soccer team. The head coach worked in human resources at Evergreen Hospital. When the topic of college came around he asked me what I planned on studying. I told him about my interest in the medical field. However, I was still unsure of what branch I wanted to go into. He told me about the shortage of PA’s and that I could have a job right out of college if I choose go down that path in college. He also told me it would be a job where I could have interaction with others and I wouldn’t be spending all my time behind a desk. So far all my criteria had been meet for my ideal future job.

After some time I began looking into the schooling required to become a PA. Freshman and sophomore consist of college coursework in basic and behavioral sciences including chemistry, physiology, anatomy, microbiology and biology that need to be completed before applying for a PA program. After some research I found that…

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