The Role Of Parental Figures On Teenage Boy 's Life Choices Essay

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The Role of Parental Figures on Teenage Boy’s Life Choices:
The Other Wes Moore

Can two men with similar backgrounds grow up completely different? A philosopher once said “We are our choices”. Human beings make the choices that shapes and determine their fate and the person they become. How we make choices are influenced by our environment, education, societal expectation and most importantly our parental figure. In the book, The Other Wes Moore, author Wes Moore explored how two boys who grew up in similar neighborhoods and backgrounds had different turnouts in life. In fact, at first glance, the reader might be compelled to view these boys as the same, and wonder what caused their lives to end up so differently. The boys had one major difference that drastically influenced their futures: their parents. Even though author and other Wes’ father were absent in their sons’ lives and only had their mothers as parental figures, the memories and lessons from their fathers and that their mothers’ involvement shape how the two of them make life choices.
Many of life 's basic, fundamental knowledge are learned as a young child. This crucial information is taught to the young child by a guardian, usually a parent. This parental figure plays an important role in a young child 's life. The absence of the parental figure can have a detrimental effect on the child 's life as he or she becomes an adult. An amazingly large number of children in the media suffer from parental abandonment…

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