The Role Of Intimidation Of Becoming A New Employee Essay

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Almost every person on the face of the earth is or has been employed at some point in their lifetime. This implies that, like any job, they had to make a great first impression at an interview. Those interviews determine whether he or she becomes a new addition to the company or are going to be left at the wayside. Besides the fact of the intimidation of becoming a new employee, there are many other ways a person may impede their ability to be hired and fail their interview.
First impressions are based mostly on physical appearances being that both parties know nothing about one another. Meaning that a person’s attire will bring upon another person’s first judgement weather it is good or bad. The attire can include piercings, certain hair color, tattoos, and clothing. Any of which may cause a person to fail their interview if worn inappropriately. Examples would be facial piercings, a woman’s exposed cleavage, derogatory tattoos, or even an irregular hair color or cut. This is especially true in the fact that becoming an employee means that the new hire will be representing the company in and out of the place of work. Many companies need their employees to meet a certain standard and if an aspiring employee walks in and does not meet that standard on the first day, the interview may be a bust.
Other than the physical appearance, most companies have expectations of a person’s character as well. Once the first impression is made, a new hire will be expected to answer questions…

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