Analysis Of Nella Larsen's 'Passing'

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Passing: Not Quite Fitting In In modern day racial passing has become almost irrelevant, with more than in any time in history, African Americans are having (near) equal rights, and it might not be too far-fetched to say that passing might be swapping. It can be observed in social media, traditional street fashion, originally sported by African Americans, is now the aesthetic many non-colored celebrities have adopted. However, the most common use of passing today does not refer to racial passing like in the Harlem Renaissance, but sexual passing among the LGBTQ community as of the result intolerance against these groups.
According to the online Wikipedia on Passing (sociology), passing is defined as “the ability of a person to be regarded
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In a reader’s perspective, this creates a sense of ambiguity and mystery of what the other’s perspective. It echoes beautifully what we experience as individuals and Nella Larsen’s own subjective experiences. Just like the protagonists of the novel, Larsen, she is of mixed decent, is half Danish and African American. Stuck between two worlds; being neither white nor black, leaves mixed race individuals confused about their identity. Larsen intended for the reader to feel confusion, consequently frustrating the reader’s expectations of a straightforward method of …show more content…
Larsen took the notion of a popular topic and crumbled it in order to expose other types of passing. When I began this project, had originally decided that I wanted these characters to be characterized as transgendered. I found that it could have been an interesting twist but I wouldn’t be able to comprehend to the fullest passing of transgendered people. I can imagine this happening for safety reasons, due to a lot Anti-Transgender Violence, but it’s hard for me to wrap my head around reasons for financial gain, which was one of the bigger

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