The Role Of Human Capital Development Practices Essays

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Organizational effectiveness is a common issue in any organization in Nigeria especially in the new era of globalization, where competitiveness and innovativeness are norms that go with performance.
Literature shows that the role of human capital development practices in increasing organizational effectiveness is very important. It is the key element in improving productivity, performance as well as competitiveness. Undoubtedly, skilled and efficient manpower is one of the most important tools in achieving organizational goals because they play very important roles in the strategic planning and increasing or decreasing the organization’s productivity.
Inspite of the importance of this intangible asset on competitive advantage and organizational performance, not much has been studied on the nature of human capital development practices and its relationship with organizational effectiveness especially as it relates to the insurance industry in Nigeria. In addition, little attention has been paid to training and mentorship as two important dimensions of human capital development practices.
The thrust of human capital development practices in its entirety is that of improving how organizations employ, deploy and evaluate their workforce. For this research, the focus is on the development of human capital development practices within the insurance industry. Youndit (2000), since organizations are undergoing fundamental shifts in the ways they conduct business; effective…

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