The Role Of A Nurse Essay

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The role of a nurse has evolved into a new position. Originally, a nurse only provided cares for the patient. As healthcare has changed so has the role of the nurse. Today, the nurse does much more than provide patient cares. Not only do nurses influence patient’s lives but they can impact the entire healthcare system. Nurses fulfill their traditional duties along with providing leadership and act as a change agent. When a nurse identifies a system failure, can become a nurse leader and embrace the need for change therefore becoming a change agent.
Gina was a nurse who attempted to do what her training and professional code of conduct required her to. When she was a staff nurse at ABC hospital there was a work environment full of unease, staff were apprehensive, habitual deficiency of staff and essential equipment to perform day to day duties. There were several nursing supervisors that used threats and verbal abuse toward other staff. Gina had seen first-hand patients suffer from this undesirable work atmosphere. She was also requested to misrepresent information in patient records. When Gina refused to do this, she was bullied and her workload was increased substantially. At this point, Gina recognized something needed to change so she became a leader that worked through the system as a change agent to make a positive work environment that embraced staff satisfaction along with exceptional patient outcomes.
To understand how a nurse’s role…

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