The Ritz Carlton Case Study Benefits

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Compared to their competitors, The Ritz-Carlton goes above and beyond to provide both a personal and functional service. While some hotels focus on customer service, The Ritz-Carlton is “customer obsessed” (Kotler, Keller 411). This is just one of the reasons why The Ritz-Carlton has become an extremely successful company. This company has created a distinct plan to satisfy their customer needs; this is through providing an emotional and memorable experience for each customer. One reason why this strategy differs from competing hotels is that the company allows their employees to take ownership of the customer's complaints and their satisfaction. Probably the most special strategy the company employs is allowing employees to spend up to $2,000 …show more content…
The Mayo Clinic is unique because they are looking to satisfy their patients in all aspects of patient care. One can see how the company embodies their motto “The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered” when evaluating the patient experience from the moment they enter the facility, to how they are diagnosed and how the rooms are designed. Another reason why the Mayo Clinic stands above its other hospitals is because the company focuses on teamwork. Unlike most hospitals where doctors are paid by the number of patients seen, the Mayo Clinic pays by salary. As a result, doctors are not rushing care in order to see the most patients which will increase their pay. The focus is placed back onto the patient. Moreover, this pay structure opens up communication because doctors and nurses do not have to worry about splitting costs. Likewise, an emphasis on teamwork allows the Mayo Clinic to take advantage of their highly specialized staff in order to provide the patient with the best care possible. Furthermore, their emphasis on teamwork encourages the growth of innovation. This emphasis on innovation is another reason why the Mayo Clinic is exceptional. Since the company, puts all profits back into the organization and all the Mayo Clinic’s doctors work together, the company is able to develop breakthrough research and launch programs which help better the quality of care the patients receive (Kotler, Keller 426). Overall, the Mayo Clinic exceeds other hospitals because they are dedicated to the quality of patient care and will do anything to improve their experience. As a result of this philosophy, both parties benefit, the patients receive the care they need and are extremely satisfied, and the company is able to increase their revenues because more patients are

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