Effectiveness Of Quality In Healthcare

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Capitalizing on Strengths to Improve Work Quality in Healthcare
Quality improvements in the U.S. healthcare system are a major focus in helping to improve patient satisfaction and quality of care among healthcare organizations. As a healthcare professional, it is important to take advantage of the strengths that we each possess and use those to improve work quality and overall quality of care in organizations. These strengths can help organizations to successfully reach their goals as well as promote positive changes in the organizational culture.
Critical Thinking in Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Critical thinking in decision-making and problem-solving is vital as a professional in healthcare to help improve overall quality of care.
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Communication strengths that I possess include being able to write clearly, verbalize information effectively to team members, other staff members, and patients and family members as well as being a good listener. A communication weakness that I possess is communicating with the use of presentations in front of groups of people. To effectively capitalize on my strengths, I can speak up more often during team meetings to share my input and ideas. It is also important for me to listen to other people’s ideas and criticisms so that I can learn from them to improve my own work quality and the overall quality of care within the healthcare organization. I can also focus more of my time on communicating with and educating patients and family members on important information to help improve the patients’ health. Effectively communicating more often with physicians can also be beneficial because I can address my recommendations with them verbally, along with having my written assessment and recommendations in place to ensure that the patient will get the best care possible. To overcome my communication weakness of public speaking, attending seminars to improve presentation skills and ongoing practice can be

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