The Risks Of Animal Hunting: The Benefits Of Hunting

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Hunting is much more than going out into the woods and shooting an animal for the fun of it. A hunter steps into the woods to harvest an animal for food and to keep the population numbers at a healthy level, so they can thrive. Keeping population numbers under control is key to those animals survival. Hunting is thousands of years old and is a past time and tradition that continues to bring harmony. Venison is some of the healthiest meats in America. For certain people hunting is their career or is involved in their career. Without hunting animal populations can have more of a negative effect on themselves. Along with hunting there are many benefits to it. People need to see the benefits of hunting and not bash it because they don’t …show more content…
Every animal needs a predator to keep its population numbers in check. “In nature, the right amount of death at the right time might actually help boost a species ' population density, according to new research that could help in understanding animal populations, pest control and managing fish and wildlife stocks” (Space Daily, 2014). To most big game animals, a hunter is their only predator they have. Banning hunting will take that predator away causing too much harm. Once one population begins to become over populated they begin to eat off their food source which could be another population. Causing the first population to die and having the same affect onto other animals. If hunters were not involved wildlife would have a negative effect on itself and its habitats. As Mahoney (2015) explains in his article “Threats to human property and safety, and habitat destruction or alteration are just some of the negative impacts unrestrained wildlife populations, native or invasive, can inflict on …show more content…
Hunting isn’t only for the conservation of our wildlife or to put meat on the table. For many hunters it brings their families and friends together. Many families either have a cabins and property somewhere or go on hunting trips to spend time with loved ones. It is not always easy to find a common interest with friends or family, so this is one way hunters are able to reconnect with each other. Hunting also creates new friends and makes it easier to find new friends. Making new friends isn’t always easy, but hunting gives two people something to talk about or to go do together. There are many different groups and events out there to bring hunters together. Such as gun clubs, archery leagues, or even hunting banquets. All of these things bring hunters together to socialize and share what they love and hold dear to their hearts. Not only do these event bring people together but they raise money to better wildlife. Hunting can also bring parents and children together. It gives them a place to bond and teach their kid a few valuable things. For example, parents are able to teach their kid patience, which is a very important thing to have in life. Being able to teach children firearm safety and to respect firearms is very important. It also helps introduce children to the outdoors, instead of staying inside all day and playing

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