The Rise Or Fall Of Student Learning? Essay

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Laptops: The Rise or Fall of Student Learning?
Many schools are switching to a more technological based way of teaching. A computer for every student is a goal that has been discussed for years among politicians and educators. Despite the numerous calls to meet this goal, most school systems in the US have fallen short. Indeed, some school systems have attempted and scrapped laptop programs as unmanageable. Even with the difficulties involved, laptops improve the education of students in schools.
Debate & WATCO- There are still many schools that have not switched to doing the majority of work on computers and there are people that say this is a good thing. They argue they are an expensive and distracting waste of time. “When it comes to taking notes, the old-fashioned way might be best” (Sanders). A superintendent at Hoboken High school said, teachers were not given adequate training on how to productively use the computers (Barshay). However, there is a flaw in this argument. It’s not the computers that were a problem but the lack of a plan by the school district to implement their. Another issue with the computer is students can find their way around almost anything; especially software that blocks them from websites they want to use (Barshay). Although these are possible issues, with a well-planned implementation, computers can be very effective. In the two year Wasatch high school has had student laptops I have seen it change so much. The beginning was a…

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