The Rise Of The Nazis Party

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The Nazis Party was established in World War I but it rise in World War II. They were found in February 24 1920. This was shortening for National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). This was a political party that took place from 1920 and 1945 practice Nazism. The leader The Nazis Party Organization was called Adolf Hitler. The Nazis Party grew from the German people, and started by hating the Jews. Just like many organizations the Nazis tried to find the best way that they could gain the power and total control of Germany. The Nazis need to have power and the control over Germany. Isaac Farhadian states that some of the earliest Nazis were Adolf Hitler, Anton Drexler, Gottfried, and Dietrich Eckart. Each of this man played an important …show more content…
Hitler wanted to get the most of everything he did not thinking about it twice when it came to lie to his people and hold true information that they deserved to know. One way that he found to be able to communicate with other to condition them to be in favor of The Nazis Party was by the use of propaganda. Hitler was a really smart man that knew how to use thing to turn them in his favor. Hitler knew that the use of propaganda in his favor to make people believe that he was looking after them; he started by telling the people what they wanted to hear. As time went by, he became leader of Germany. He would compromise the truth of his words, which then would become conflicts among other causing disagreements among others causing Problems between different countries. The propaganda gave the rice to the Nazis Party and in resolve to all this was the rise of World War II. According the article of the “Nazis Ideology” informed some of the reasons of the Nazis Party were because of the social and economic of Germany in the World War I. Many people in Germany lost their jobs with the economy inflation and they were in a great depression to find a leader that would change all that. In the Nazis Party it World War II article states, “In 1929, Germany entered a period of severe economic depression and widespread unemployment.” With the depression that this people had, they gave the opening to the Nazi Party to turn Germany into a Nazis Party

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