Hitler And The Rise Of The National Socialist German Workers Party

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In this long on drawn out essay I 'm going to educate you on Hitler and the rise of the National Socialist German Workers Party . We will discuss how Hitler became so famous so quickly. We will talk about how the National Socialist German Workers Party became as powerful as it did. How Hitler became such a great leader as a purpose for the party. Also about the things that the National Socialist German Workers Party did as a whole. Hitler’s first move into politics was not even an idea of his own. In May 1919, he was selected by Captain Karl Mayr to become an Instruction Officer on the Information Department of the district command of the army. Later on that year, in August, Hitler was given the role of Educational Officer and was asked to ‘instruct’ the troops on a five day course at the local army base with reference to the dangers of communism. It was during this course that Hitler discovered his greatest talent : he was a excellent, passionate and dramatic speaker, with a popular manner which immediately struck a chord with his audience. It was the legitness of his natural ability as a public speaker that initially progressed Hitler towards the idea of politics. Soon after the meeting the DAP or German Workers Party sent Hitler a postcard which included an invitation for Hitler to join the committee of the DAP, he accepted the invite. Hitler soon claimed that he made the decision on his own to join because he figured that this small, ill-organized organization could…

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