The Rights Of The United States Essay

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An Activist is a person who fights for the change of others.
Malcolm X was an activist who fought for change. He believed that change could’ve happened physically if needed.
An Annex is an addition to a document or a piece of land.
The United States had many annexes over the years, an example would be when the Louisiana Trade took place, The United States had acquired a great amount of land.
Central Government- A central government is the government that doesn’t control the entire nation but an individual state.
The colonies that were under the rule of the British would rather to have a Central Government then complete control of others.
Checks and Balances is a system used to prevent tyranny so that the power isn’t held by individual groups.
The process of checks and balances has been used since 1969, 18% of legislation has been vetoing things. As well as the Supreme Court vetoing things.
Colony- A colony is an area under political control by someone else from another country.
The 13 colonies were once colonized by the British, they came from their native land and took over land in 13 colonies in America.
Commerce- The activity of buying and selling on a larger scale.
In the late 1770s, there was commerce of tea by the British, which was then stopped due to the Boston Party.
Communism- A type of government in which one person has complete control.
Hirohito was the Japanese emperor, having complete control from the age of 25(1926) to his death at 88(1989).
Conservative- A…

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