The Rights Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

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dominance to infringe upon the entitlements and liberties of the citizens of the United States of America (Levin-Waldman 2012). For example the Supreme Court voted that same-sex marriage is a basic constitutional right assured under the 14th Amendment, in a 5-4 ruling that suggested that Justice Anthony Kennedy’s peculiar; libertarian outlook drew angry differences from the rest of the court’s conservative Justices. The United States Supreme Court came to a decision after they voted that under the United States Constitution, same sex marriage was not simply legal, but also a right of American citizens (Liptak 2015). The Constitution safeguards citizens and group rights through the bill of rights. The bill of rights consists of the first 10 revisions of the constitution. The bill of rights permits citizens and groups to have liberties including freedom of one’s religion and the right to a trial by jury of your peers. The constitution provides individuals with the right to bear and posse’s arms. The bill of rights fundamentally sets out the fundamentals of how an American Citizen can live their life and the necessary functions that are essential for the government to accept.
The constitution completely safeguards your right as an American citizen and it is important to keep it in tact so that it can do just that. Peter Sagal, stated that all three branches of government keep each other in check, so no one branch of government can make laws to their advantage or hold to much…

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