Debate On Same Sex Marriage

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There are many different topics or discussions when it comes to moral, religious or political beliefs. Case and point, the big topic or debate going on in the United States at this very moment is the legalization of Same-Sex marriage. President Obama approval of the Supreme Court decision requiring states to recognize Same-Sex Marriage. Despite the history, this on going battle will forever be an uncomfortable topic for so many. The questions that we ask is it ever morally acceptable, for the government to require citizens to perform actions that they regard as inconsistent with their already expressed moral or Religious beliefs.

The Supreme Court decision has adversely affected two groups of citizens. The first of the two groups, which
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Alternatively, allowing a law that legalizes homosexuals marrying one another will cause an increase in the number of marriages that are not serious. For example, a couple of friends who want to save and minimize on taxes. In society, for individuals to be homosexual is acceptable; however, the term ‘gay marriage’ should not be legalized in society. However, same-sex marriage is the most sacred institution in "this country, and every society considers it as being between man and woman. After all, it makes biological sense that man and woman can only procreate" ("The Gay Marriage Debate:: Legalizing Gay Marriage."). However, there are religious groups, and leaders generate some of the strongest opposition to same-sex marriage. Simultaneously, many opinion polls and studies have shown that close personal contact with homosexuals" which has an association with an increased likelihood of support for same-sex marriage. ("Religious beliefs, contact with gays and lesbians and"...) "See this through the formation of heterosexual couples in" a society that consist of both man and woman. Specifically, about "origins of marriage and its sacredness in society. Further steps should not be taken to define the term marriage". ("The Gay Marriage Debate:: Legalizing Gay Marriage.") It sets the framework known to man and

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