The Ethics Of Same-Sex Marriage

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Two grooms wait at the alter for the moment where they are official married. The cheerfulness in the eyes of their family and friends is non-less than those found in a heterosexual marriage. However, numerous controversial arguments have been created about a very important topic in today 's society; Same- Sex Marriage. The U.S Supreme Court recently ruled that same-sex marriage is not allowed to be banned, and all states must issue a license to same-sex couples (cite). However, despite the legalization, there have been many issues that have arisen, dealing with some populations still being against it. Also, there have been few individuals who have denied giving authorization to a homosexual couple. According to NCSL, all states still have some cases pending on the same-sex marriage (cite). Is Same-Sex Marriage ethical? Before legalization, same-sex marriage had been a hot topic in the Congress and courts for the past ten years according to Vaughn. Same- sex marriage "refers to the marriage, in the full legal sense, of gay and lesbian couples" (cite). The central questioning of same-sex marriage is whether homosexuals should be permitted to enter into legally sanctioned marriage, with all its civic and social benefits, just as heterosexual couples can. Surveys have recently shown there has been an increase percentile of the population 's attitudes toward same-sex marriage. In 2003, only 37% of adults believed it should be legal, however, in 2011 it rose to 53%. The natural law theory, just like it condemns homosexuality, it also disapproves same-sex marriage. Proponents have argued their side under two conditions. The first being, same-sex marriage is a matter of justice, …show more content…
Homosexual marriages are marriages. Marriages give humans various benefits. Therefore, homosexual marriages have the right to various benefits, same as those given to heterosexual

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