Same Sex Marriage And The Fight For Equal Rights Essay

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On Same-Sex Marriage and the Fight for Equal Rights

History has taught us that we should fight for our rights, for equal rights of every human being regardless of sex and color.

During the early history, women were perceived lower against men by nature. Males rule and females were ruled. Great philosophers Plato and Aristotle believed that “it is only males who are created directly by the gods and are given souls” and women were ‘defective’ human beings. Women were considered inferior to men and did not share all of the same rights as men, including the right to vote. In the U.S., it took 70 long years for women civil rights activists to fight for equality until women granted the right to vote with the passage of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution in 1920.

In the past, blacks and whites in America were segregated in all aspects of public life. Blacks were prohibited from sharing schools, restaurants, churches and other public spaces with whites. After years of struggle and setbacks, segregation and racial discrimination ended with the passage of Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Recent event in the United States legalizing same-sex marriage is another battle won for human rights, for equal rights of gay couple to marry. I uphold equality and therefore I support same-sex marriage. I have read opposition to gay marriage on social media primarily out of conservative thinking that marriage should remain traditional. Some even needed to drag up religion and biblical…

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