Gay Marriage Religion

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Religious people may clearly state gay marriage is contrary to the word of God and is incompatible with the beliefs, sacred texts, and traditions of many religious groups. However, many religious leaders and churches support gay marriage and they say it is consistent with scripture. Throughout the years, support for homosexual couples has increased dramatically which in today’s society is slowly opening the doors for acceptance and overall prosperity between different people. Over time, the concept of traditional marriage has changed, showing that the definition between one man and one woman is historically inaccurate. In fact, as of today gay marriage has been legalized in 37 states including Florida, proving the original definition of marriage …show more content…
Since, every practiced religion platform has always been man should only marry woman. However, in the late 1900s the number of gay support groups began to increase due to the fact that gay rights activism focused primary in liberation and not marriage rights. In fact, during World War II, if military personnel confessed to be LGBT they were dishonorable labeled as a “Blue Discharge” which made it basically impossible for ex-military personnel to find jobs as well they were discriminated for a lifetime for their sexual preference. Although, today 's military has a “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” policy which forces military personnel to hide their sexual preference and prohibits all personel from committing any homosexual act while in service. Fortunately, not everything has to be hidden from the real world. During April 2001, the first gay marriage ceremony took place in Netherlands. Breaking the barrier in society, allowing society to realize that being homosexual doesn 't make a person different. Events such as the Pink Dot which is a festival held in Singapore, Asia where people in the community of all ages come together to show that love has no barriers along with concerts and night activities such as a candle lighting. Other similar type of events are held annually in support of the LGBT community such as the Miami beach gay pride parade followed by a gay pride festival and …show more content…
As of today, gay activism communities focus on marriage rights and benefits rather than just being “free.” It’s a fact, that from 1969 - 1974 the number of gay organizations in the country expeded from 50 to about a thousand. Showing that the public began to support the gay community over time. Actually, the first legal gay marriage ceremony took place in Netherlands on April 1, 2001. That ceremony included four homosexual couples who got married that same day just a few minutes after midnight. The first legal gay marriage took place in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 17, 2004, showing the advances throughout the years that this generation is slowly beginning to support same sex couples. A CNN research published on August 11, 2010 revealed results, saying that 52% of the people support gay marriage and they believe that they should have the same marriage rights.
Throughout the years the gay community has had big achievements all around the world. To mention a few successful fights they have won throughout their journey: creating gay parades for communities worldwide, increase of marriage equality states and

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